The Valstad Collection
Otto Valstadsv. 19
1346 Hvalstad
Tlf.: 66 79 00 11
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Tilla and Otto Valstad bequeathed their property, consisting of numerous objects and buildings worthy of preservation, to the municipality of Asker in 1949. The Hvalstad Valley (Hvalstaddalen) was an attractive area for artists, who took residence here in the late 1880’s. The valley naturally was nicknamed “The Artists’ Valley” (Kunstnerdalen). Tilla and Otto Hvalstad’s nearest neighbours were the authors Hulda and Arne Garborg. There was a broad variety of artists, authors, sculptors and painters residing in Kunstnerdalen, i.a. Olav Nygård, Rasmus Løland, Lars Utne, Jo Visdal, Helge Ring Reuch, Ronald Fangen and Johan Bojer.