The Royal Family
Skaugum in Asker

Not open to the public.

Skaugum is situated right beneath Skaugumåsen in Asker, with a wonderful view of the Oslo Fjord. Nearby is Semsvannet (freshwater lake), and the surroundings ar very popular for hiking. The history of Skaugum goes way back to medieval time.

Skaugum was a gift from count Wedel Jarlsberg to Crown Prince Olav V when he married Princess Märtha in 1929. The main building was totally destroyed by fire in 1930.

The new building was designed by Arnstein Arneberg (famous Norwegian architect) and was completed in 1932. King Olav lived at Skaugum till 1968, when he turned over the premises to Prince Harald and Princess Sonja (now King and Queen).


An early picture showing Queen Sonja and King Harald, Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Märtha Louise.
  A monument over King Olav V has
been erected in the centre of Asker.