Asker og Bærum med Sandvika og Asker sentrum - severdigheter og attraksjoner - din Asker og Bærum Guide.


Welcome to Asker and Bærum
– Norway’s most attractive coastal municipalities


Asker and Bærum are situated on the west side of Oslofjorden and have a multitude of lovely islands. The maritime environment is an El Dorado for boating and all kinds of water activities.
This small area is like a miniature Norway with lush valleys, forests, farms and two rock massifs – Skaugumåsen and Kolsåstoppen. The latter is a popular challenge for rock climbers, and on a whole Asker and Bærum can offer a huge variety of nature experiences to all its inhabitants and visitors.
Cultural events and more urban activities are located mainly in centres like Asker, Sandvika and Bekkestua.
Norway’s busiest highway – E18 – lies along the coast and goes westwards through Bærum. From Sandvika you can travel to the west coast (towards Bergen) on highway E16.
Asker and Bærum have approximately 150,000 inhabitants as of today.
We have the pleasure of welcoming you to an active and memorable stay in Asker and Bærum. Hopefully the AB guide (Abguiden) can help you find what you are looking for. 

Welcome – and enjoy the beautiful landscape!